04.14.17 - the day I began yapping away about opening a studio

First job. Big clear out. Nine x 24 foot skips were filled, with a few machines and artefacts being kept to preserve the integrity and history of the space.

Became an all day, everyday sort of project. There was electricity but no plumbing. Temporary bed, kitchen and office all pictured.

First 5 factory windows were next, new glass and full frame repair of each, as well as work on a leaky roof (at one stage there were 18 buckets collecting rain water).

Whilst the summer was here and the windows open, every wall and floor of the studio was power washed to expose the concrete and brick textures.

This set the stage for the kitchen and bathrooms.

The remaining 3 windows and the rest of the space were next, followed by swapping old heaters and roof vents for new.

Studio began to take shape.


and the remaining decorations begun.

Day by day heading towards how it was first envisioned.

04.14.18 the studio, exactly one year later to the day, was open.


Massive thank you’s to the ronsers who helped along the way!